People are often mistaken in thinking Classical guitar means you are limited to playing Bach, Mozart or Beethoven. Whilst this is challenging and rewarding Classical encompasses much more. Many modern styles such as Latin to Pop can be played instrumentally, meaning you play the melody and therefore don’t have to sing.

This video is Eric Clapton´s Tears In Heaven arranged and played by Soren Madsen. Recorded live in the Church of Harlev, Denmark


A key component of Rock music is the lead guitar. The lead guitarist is usually considered to be the most important member in a rock group and his individual style and ability forms the foundation of the group. Exciting examples of this are Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, Eddie Van Halen from Van Halen and Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple.

Here's legend Slash rocking out Johnny B Goode



Contemporary guitar covers a wide variety of genres from traditional folk, country rock, pop-rock and current pop. Examples of this broad style include musicians and groups such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, James Taylor, Beatles, Earth Wind & Fire, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, John Mayer through to more current artists such as Ed Sheeran and Adele. Everyone can find songs in this broad range that they love and would enjoy learning.

Here's a cover of Free Fallin' - John Mayer/Tom Petty by Jot Singh. A great example of contemporary guitar playing



Blues music is traditionally built around a twelve-bar blues chord progression. Many well know guitarists use this style with the most famous being BB King. Other styles of music such as Country and Rock have been influenced by Blues music.

Funky Blues Solo by Alex (HD)